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Famous CCTV host Li Jia Ming


Hobbies: singing, chatting, sports, tourism

motto: tolerance is a virtue, no desire is just

family members: father, mother , two sisters

Height: 1.74 m

Weight: 70kg

Constellation: Libra

blood type: O type

nation: Han

favorite color: red

favorite fruit: grapes

favorite food: hot pot

favorite dress: casual suit

favorite book: the book touches your soul can

most admired person: Deng Xiaoping

favorite thing to do: to develop their potential to do

The most memorable thing: Twenty years after I was born to accompany their parents back to school in Xinjiang

: Primary: Fucheng Road Primary School in Mianyang City,

junior high school: junior high school in Mianyang Department (now Mianyang II)

High School: Graduated from Mianyang Middle School


Sichuan Normal College Performance Major

Television Broadcasting Institute Beijing TV production professional

East Asian politics at Columbia University

Professional Experience:

1995-1997 Chongqing TV (Editors of major news during the series, entertainment, {Period was named the best television show host in Chongqing)

1998-1999 Chongqing TV talk show, (As in Chongqing during the audience favorite show host)

1999-2000 Chongqing TV dating show Grand Prix, And received the 9th National Radio and TV Works Award.

2008 Li Jia Ming has returned from studying abroad is not like a lot of people expect the same back to the previous post, he has been in the CCTV br> 2004 began, the growing popularity of the 2 sets of CCTV presenter guy Li Jia Ming active in the CCTV-2 on the all time, dazzling: the morning broadcast model contest, at noon, the evening is CCTV-3 together with the new show is

First part of the brand To looking at the sun and witty handsome Li Jia Ming, who would have thought, when he had betrayed the dream of parents to leave, after the defeat brought young and frivolous, which occurred between parents and a moving story, from which He got a way of life to pursue a dream realized.

parents do not accept his dream

1975 was born in Xinjiang, Li Jia Ming, 8 years old to follow the expenditure side of the parents from Korla to return home in Mianyang, Sichuan. Teenager's Li Jia Ming, with Mandarin when he said, often active in the school stage. His ideal is to consider when the Beijing Broadcasting Institute, and then be a host. However, when the engineer's father, but hope he inherited his father's e-learning, they often end a fight. Li Jia Ming Middle School that year, an unexpected thing happened, led to his parents, and the dream of a fierce conflict.

was Li Jia Ming is the squad leader, or student council. At that time he was reading science, in his view, read Broadcasting Institute seems to be the only way when the moderator, so he locked Broadcasting Institute, he kept whither the above efforts. Reported in 1993, when the College Entrance Examination, said science students can not fill Broadcasting Institute, which gave him an unexpected blow. Li Jia Ming that dream shattered, his good grades, so he chose to study a film and television performances, Sichuan Normal University classes. In the entrance, he took part in the interview, the school admitted him immediately, but that is not professional diploma, do not take the exam will be able to go in learning. Li Jia Ming doing so, greatly angry parents: do not take the exam, it means that his primary school, middle school, high school white read.

Li Jia Ming mother at the time that he wanted to do this line, to the mother for school fees: the first year two thousand eight. Mother does not agree: Entrance is approaching that time, he stayed at home watching television every day, morning, eyes open on the front of a television, a look that day, as possessed by the Devil. Just the third year of study pressure, he was happy Happy at home at ease. He identified himself to be a moderator,bailey UGG boots, to study art, regardless of the school how he, in his mind it is art school. He felt and artistic affinity, determined to be the way to go in the art.

Li Jia Ming told her: you do not give me the money I borrow. Who would lend money to high school seniors? By the two thousand eight hundred and one. Finally, Li Jia Ming borrow only 500 dollars. This did not expect the borrowed 500 dollars struck his mother. Upon learning of her mother, that his son bent, it was not agreed with his decision.

the eyes of their parents, on a good university is the future protection of life and work. And Li Jia Ming opinionated, it means that he must make the results of their choice on the way to, in order to prove that he is right. But let Li Jia Ming did not expect that, after graduating from film and television acting classes, he can not find steady work. After the recommendation by the people, before going to the Sichuan TV, broadcast once a week in a rural program, as a temporary show host. Farewell to Chengdu, the parents, the parents how their sons are not willing to go out to do temporary workers. But Li Jia Ming there is another sense: he has finally taken the first step towards the dream.

only dream of working from home

When Li Jia Ming basking in the glow of the first host to do when the parents were very difficult to cheer up: temporary work and income is not stable. Fact that,UGG boots clearance, as parents worry about it, was only 400 yuan monthly wage Li Jia Ming, but also to buy clothes and cosmetics for the appearance, life more and more distress. Li Jia Ming decided to play more than a job to earn money. He

in Sichuan Taiwan to host side, while working in a nightclub. In nightclubs, in addition to money, he also had a Falls in the idea: When the host here, timely active atmosphere, the use of this opportunity to exercise their own ability to grasp the scene. He did a good job in the nightclub, guests including foreign friends have praised the club there are three goods: one is the national standard dance well; the second is a good saxophone blowing; third is the host a good host. A little of this praise, than get paid to Li Jia Ming also feel happy. But he did not dare to do in the nightclub told the host family, he was afraid of her mother worried, would think that place is too messy, too complex, fear of where his son astray. While working in nightclubs

, but Li Jia Ming is no big change in economic conditions. The days in Chengdu, he often worry about room and board. No money to rent an apartment, nightclub manager, he arranged to sleep in a room 7 security, and even Li Jia Ming 8, packed full to the brim. He was the life of products is a bicycle, two large Pidai: one filled with blankets, pillows; one filled with books and toiletries. As a result of instability, he often changed residence, slept here a few days after he moved there to sleep a few days. But he did not feel bitter: In order to change the status quo, to dream their own future, must bear holding it up!

blink of an eye the past year, Li Jia Ming expect that to change, but never appeared. Because of academic issues, he has been doing temporary work in television, he hosted the show has never been recognized by others. The nightclub work and distress reversed black and white life, so that he deeply felt farther and farther away from the original dream. Li Jia Ming confused and began to shake.

finished work one night, after midnight 1:00 is more, guys on bicycles dormitory, Li Jia Ming tired to ride in the final. All residential buildings around the black, then people are immersed in the sweet sleep, and occasionally a few early butcher, hawkers selling vegetables with his pass. Li Jia Ming thought I just call it a day, engage in the arts, as these hawkers, doing so difficult,UGGs, then why go against the wishes of parents to choose this path? Wind howling in the morning, he thought of his family, I think of family: his television acting classes forced to read, my mother did not give him tuition, those three months he did not go to school, at home all day watching TV, those images scene flashed in front of screen ... ... I do not know sad or guilty, he rode a string of tears to fall, the cold wind blows, his face chilly. He simply sat by the roadside parking burst into tears, tears torrential: whether it is his mistake? As the saying goes: If the old, suffer in the eyes. Do not obey their parents, and now their own making. He immediately returned to their parents wanted, the idea of re-planning by the parents of future life. He decided to go home.

he bought a train ticket home. From the moment holding the ticket, he had another heart to the feeling of desolation: he abandoned dreams, give up, give up all self-confidence and personality. Increasingly disturbed by his heart to the left from the train started a little hour, he suddenly stood up and tore the ticket. He was not willing to eat out so much suffering, so much affected by the crime, so halfway to go home, he needs to dream, he can not imagine a person without a dream, especially young people how to face the future.


1997 fell by the way, the open recruitment of Chengdu TV show host, which gives the Li Jia Ming is working to bring an equal opportunity to compete. There were 2,000 people registered, Li Jia Ming is very confident, feel one hundred percent can be admitted. Sure enough, the interviews, written tests, static tests, first test, retest ... ... all the way to pass narrow wins. The last remaining 15 people, Li Jia Ming is one of them. A total of 10 strokes, Li Jia Ming consider themselves determined to win. He felt that basically pack up and go to Chengdu TV, the joy was palpable: his dream finally came together and the wish of the parents. He strongly suppressed temporarily report to her mother the good news, to be formally admitted to the mother suddenly after an unexpected surprise.

eagerly looking forward to a week later, the other to the phone call, he thought he must be prepared to report for duty. I did not expect just another word: Welcome to your next exam. Li Jia Ming Meng, head blank, the entire portrait silly general, Leng Leng stood holding a microphone, the other when the closing of the line, he had no idea. Why did not he even a question to the phone, but my mind was like the roar of the surf was like: Why? Why? What I really am part of the problem? Later, a test with him and was admitted friend told him: then you might kill your ego. Li Jia Ming did not understand the meaning of them. Friends say, did you seem to say: Chengdu Taiwan who do not want me to? They think you are too arrogant, difficult to manage.

that two weeks after the defeat, he is like going through purgatory, suffering heart abnormalities. He does not dry, then sit and stare, thinking of journeying through the night could not sleep all night, burst into tears from time to time. Sometimes he innocently said to himself: You do not want me, naturally someone asked me; sometimes he wants: if he modest good, this opportunity to own it! At this point, Li Jia Ming has more than a year away from home.

's Li Jia Ming lofty, but empty-handed after one year. Examination of the hit television failed, so young, he can not afford, he again homesick, want to go back to their parents, eager to soothe their parents, even scolding.

This time he really went home. To home, he truly understand the lyrics, Meet the parents, so that Li Jia Ming did not expect that the parents of his good, not the slightest blame. He has always been opposed to the father of this path, take the initiative to talk to him, father and son talk a whole night. My father said: You chose this path, it must go on. Do you know why we moved back to his family from Xinjiang, Sichuan it? Li Jia Ming: You go to support the border, to a certain time should come back. Dad said: It is not the case. We had a very good in Xinjiang, was used for over ten years, it is because the three of you children's education, then education is relatively backward in Xinjiang, I and your mother want you to read more, just moved back to Sichuan.

At this time, Li Jia Ming came to understand, that when his Dugao San practice of how much damage their parents Oh! Reading for primary,UGG boots, middle and high school, upon entrance, before they themselves have chosen one way, but parents worry about was a way to live up to his parents piece of my heart! Although parents do not blame

instead, he encouraged himself, but Li Jia Ming Quedui his deep remorse. Li Jia Ming at this time and understand how to do it yourself. He Eliminating star dream, told himself: I chose this way to get down to go! Practical, is never afraid to give up his mind the weight. CCTV host a popular television station in Chengdu

consider the experience of defeat, so that Li Jia Ming matured a lot, but also help him to understand: in the pursuit of dreams in the process, should shoulder more responsibility and love. He can only work with the sense to reward parents. At this point, he heard the strokes of Chongqing Jiulongpo television show host, with the expectations of parents, his second out of the house.

This time, learned a lesson last defeated Li Jia Ming, was admitted television trial. That six months on probation, he was almost in a state of crazy for television. In order to improve their quality level, he joined the Broadcasting Institute of Correspondence, learning television interviews, editing, audio production. This gave him considerable progress.

Once, Li Jia Ming and sets out in a press interview, he saw a roadside vegetable market is particularly dirty, that the reporter said: This could be the news. The journalist said: you think you are the central DJ ah? To live out the image, but also the exposure? You honestly do a good job on the line of your business. Li Jia Ming said: The thing is you do not, you let me Falls in it. Required to report observed that the situation there. Li Jia Ming remember that day wearing a hat, wearing a plaid shirt, took the microphone and explains that he seemed to feel a CCTV reporter who photographed the feeling. Later, the news broadcast, Li Jia Ming also praised by the Taiwan leaders. At this time, Li Jia Ming the state in television is very good.

for practical work, and soon was recruited into Chongqing Li Jia Ming television. Three years in Chongqing, Li Jia Ming treasure every opportunity to become masters of Taiwan in the host, was officially transferred to the Chongqing TV Station. In the three years Li Jia Ming completed his double with their parents wish.

2000 yearly accidental opportunity, let Li Jia Ming embarked on a bigger stage. China Central Television singing contest folk songs in Chongqing when the crew discovered Li Jia Ming, invited him to host a Grand Prix for three months the young singer. After the competition, Li Jia Ming was officially transferred to China Central Television. From And Li Jia Ming did not forget their parents wish.

2001, the Li Jia Ming was finally back with their parents in Xinjiang. 20 years later, returns to visit, the father looked at his old home a myriad of thoughts, is the son of his own dream round, his son's choice and growth was pleased. Because he had left Xinjiang, is to the child's growth, and now the child as he wished, he relieved.

are closely related, it is a job to teach you, help you find a job program. And management. real contact, only to find HR has a mysterious and endless fun. looking for work, how to interview, I am filled with curiosity to learn. the fact that I presided over a file of Chongqing to Taiwan, understand the

talk about future plans, good confessed he is not a particularly lofty ideals of the people, human resources manager. He Shoubushijuan book is: With He reminds himself: he is Ben 30 people, and do not pursue those vain, illusory thing, do not forget the experience of the rough, practical efforts to do a good job, as much as possible to do better.

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